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Makes part of the National Veterinary
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"Our veterinary clinic is a powerful multidisciplinary diagnostic and treatment center which uses modern diagnostic and treatment methods for pets and pays maximum attention to the patients and their owners."

Simonov A. A.

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The ASVET veterinary clinic works in the city of Odintsovo since 1996. From the first days up to the present, the clinic maintains a high quality standard of medical care for the four-legged pets. Only highly qualified and experienced personnel work in the clinic. The employees participate in the postgraduate training program; they are speakers of the Russian and International Veterinary Seminars and Conferences. We have our own lecture hall, which allows holding seminars, lectures, training master classes with the involvement of eminent specialists. It significantly improves the skill level of the doctors of our clinic. One of the unique events in the veterinary community was the surgeon's show case held in November 2012 on the basis of the clinic of the Karl Storz Veterinary Endoscopic School, with HD broadcast both in the central office of Karl Storz in Germany and in 40 other European cities.

At the moment, the clinic is considered to be one of the largest clinics in the Moscow region. About 10,000 pets receive the necessary assistance here annually, ranging from simple and ending with the most complex operations. Our own call centre processes about 150 incoming calls and messages per day from citizens who are worried about their pets’ health.  

The ASVET veterinary clinic has long reached the format of a multidisciplinary clinic, where the specialists of all the main directions in veterinary medicine work. These are surgeons, anaesthesiologists, visual diagnostics and intensive care physicians, cardiologists, ophthalmologists, therapists, dermatologists, neurologists, and radiologists.

The clinic has six exam rooms, two 24-hour hospitals, drip boxes allowing the owners to be near their pets, a surgery unit which consisting of two theatres and one preoperative box and is equipped with the most modern equipment of such manufacturers as Karl Storz, Melag, Newport, Fotek and Royal Medical.

Doctors have a modern diagnostic and medical equipment of well-known European and domestic manufacturers at their disposal, such as ultrasound scanners Esaote MyLab, a computer electrocardiograph for veterinary medicine from the Neurosoft Company, diagnostic kits from the Riester Company, which significantly improves the quality of the disease diagnosis and the proper treatment order.

The clinic has its own laboratory fitted with the equipment of well-known brands, such as HOSPITEX DIAGNOSTICS, High Technology Inc. and Boule Medical, which allows us to carry out about 90% of all the tests necessary for diagnostics within the shortest possible time and with the highest accuracy.

Our own veterinary pharmacy allows our customers to purchase the necessary veterinary drugs, zoological hygiene products, medicated feeds and much more, which is necessary for their pets at home, immediately after a visit to the doctor. The range of the pharmacy totals about 1,000 items of products of well-known manufacturers.

The clinic team are, in the first place, people, specialists united by their love for animals and for what they do.